Looking for Summer workshop or courses in music/singing or guitar

Hi, I am looking for a workshop or summer course in music/guitar or singing for my 14 year-old daughter as from July 27th to August 6th. A five day course would be ideal throughout any time during this period. Thanks.


  • Depending on her standard, there is a course the following week (probably not helpful!) at Benslow. Benslow is mainly adults, but some youngsters do attend - might be worth a look as a family holiday - it's a lovely place to stay and learn. Good to know about them anyway - there is so much on offer, it's not too far (Hitchin) and all the courses I've attended have been of an excellent standard. A 16 year old percussionist attended the big band course last summer - he was very welcomed and a delight. http://www.benslowmusic.org/index.asp?PageID=1
  • Thanks Hazel :)
    ...and I still have some spaces left
  • Hi, Thanks! sorry I took so long in answering, but I never received the messages on my e mail. I guess something went wrong or it went into the spam section and I didn't notice. Thanks to all.
    A Question for Robbo is the centre near Wivenhoe and Julia is 14 nearly 15 (December) she has composed 5 songs in English and won two local prizes here in France. I saw you have a composition course on August 3rd,, would that be an option for her? I'm interested in guitar/song composition courses. Thanks!
  • Hi Sonia, I have sent you a pm, sorry I cannot help but I am not connected with the centre at all or the course you mention, I am a private guitar tutor, usually teaching one-to-one an hourly basis..I hope you can get the information you need. Best wishes, Robbo.

  • I am looking for a guitarist to play chords once a month to accompany a mantra sangha group in Wivenhoe.
    At present this is an idea in the planning stages. The session would be for 1 hour 1x a month.
    If anyone is interested please contact Nicola 07885758196 or E: nxrobinson@gmail.com
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