Wivenhoe From The Air

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A few pictures from various open spaces in Wivenhoe. If anybody objects to their property being shown please advise and I will remove the image. I have tried to be unobtrusive, merely wishing to show what many people have asked me to do. A reminder that I am insured, understand all the CAA/Air Navigation Order rules, and have two "A" achievement certificates from the British Model Flying Association.


Above is from the sea wall beyond the Yacht club, looking north towards Colchester.

Taken from across the river at Fingringhoe.

From the northern sea wall looking down-river.

From the top of the park, showing the Bowls Club green in lower right corner, up Woodland Way, over Parkwood Avenue, Lower Lodge Farm houses,with the University in the distance.

From the top of the park again, showing Bowls Club green in the left bottom corner, De Vere Lane, the Coop, (just left of centre), across Park Road and beyond towards Alresford.

Business Centre-River
Anglesea Road on the left, looking over the Business Centre towards the river.

Queens Road

Looking up Queens Road, and beyond.


  • Fascinating views .... 
  • Great views Thanks for sharing these with us.
  • Brilliant; many thanks for sharing these Keith.
  • Great photographs Keith, thanks for showing them. Unfortunately I can't fly that low over built up areas but I will post fresh video footage from altitude later in the year.( have to have thermic weather to get this far from an airfield)
  • These are such great shots. Many thanks for uploading. I had to check with Google Earth now and then to find out what was what, shame!
  • Thank you Keith with a magnifing glass one can almost see me sunbathing in the nude.
  • @Keith Thanks for sharing.  Lovely views indeed.  Hey @greenback I'm keeping my magnifying glass locked away then thanks. ;-)

  • Oohhh Ahhh missis
  • @Keith so good to see these excellent photos, thanks for sharing

  • Wivenhoe looks lovely, thank you for sharing these.

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    Many thanks to everybody for the lovely comments.  Very much appreciated.

    I have a list of 11 other places locally where I will have the opportunity to take more pictures, many of them in the 'top end' of Wivenhoe for a change.

    Just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, the sun to shine, and the wind not be too strong!

  • This mornings winter wonderland would of been good.
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    How brilliant! I'm new to the forum and really excited to see these. Would you be able to do one at the University and enter it into this...? I'd absolutely love it if you would!
  • Thank you for your suggestion Kate, and welcome to the Forum.

    The University has been added to my list of opportunities when the weather improves.  You do really need a little bit of sunshine for good aerial photography - hope it won't be too long coming!

  • Give me a shout if you are heading up the the University & I will run out and bring you a cuppa!

    Do let me know if I can be of any help :)

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    I hope this picture works OK. It was taken in April 2008 from about 4000feet (cloudbase) from a glider.Looking roughly ESE from the Hythe area with the Uni more foreground & Wivenhoe & river further away.
     It is a selected part (about 1/4) of a larger picture of the area which includes more of Colchester & further out towards the sea.
  • Great shot - thanks!
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