Missed the Saturday consultation? Do it on line now!

In the William Loveless hall visitors stuck comment post-its on the displays.
See here for a report on the CBC website.

If you had wanted to comment on the proposals but couldn't come to the hall, do it here now!
You have to give an email address and post code; we only want Wivenhoe comments.

The Community you want to chose to go to is top left of the screen after the log-in.


  • Is there a deadline for this Marika?
  • I think it says mid December. Cannot remember without checking.
  • Yes, mid December is right Marika.

    I just went through it as I couldn't make Saturday (Friday was very interesting but not really a consultation, at least at my table). Some of the questions could do with fleshing out a bit; for example there are several references to maps, but not clear where the maps may be viewed.

  • I've just now been talking to the voXup guys about this. Map will be put in as soon as I can get one with the right definition to them.
    They're also sorting out the rather clunky (in some cases) log in procedure I was told about.

  • The map on voXup now has the conservation area overlay on it.
  • 300+ votes in 3 days!
    Feedback received: very easy and straightforward to do :D

    Any comments made on line will be added to comments left on Saturday 22 November - as long as they're made before mid-December.

  • The steering group will be meeting on 7th January at 7.30 in the wivenhoe Town Council office.  The responses will be collated and reported back.  In addition, the emerging site allocation priorities will be explained and discussed.  This is a new phase, please make your comments heard, and consider joining the volunteer group to keep it viable and representative. 
  • The www.voxup.co.uk/WivenhoeNP on-line consultation is still running. The closing date has been pushed on till 4 January.
    At the beginning of December there had been 80 unique visitors to the site who had all voted on at least one thing, and some very useful comments had been left.

    Don't miss the opportunity to have your say on the proposals for the draft Plan if you didn't already do it on 21st November. Votes and comments will still all be taken into account.
    1000 opinions have been expressed in the last 3 weeks on the on-line consultation www.voxup.co.uk/WivenhoeNP  AND it's open until 4 January.
    Just when we thought we'd done counting up written comments there's another clicky lot stacking up ... but that's how we like it :) Keep them coming!
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