Consultation begins

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Friday 21 November is the first of our community events.
We're taking the consultation to the Over 60s club when they have their meeting in the WL hall.

TTW has thrown its weight behind the process and will be serving up a
proper Afternoon Tea with home made cakes while volunteers from the
steering and working groups chat at the tables about the proposals and gather comments.

O, and did we tell you about our Facebook page? We'd love more likes!


  •  Just a reminder consultation event at the William Loveless Hall today 10 until 4, come along and have you say and whilst you are there have coffee and cake too! 
  • If you haven't been in yet, do come before 4pm!
    Lots of comments are being made and it's a really nice atmosphere as well.
    Lots of compliments about the set up, too :)
  • 172 people had taken part in the consultation when it closed at 4 pm.
    The boards are still up.

    Tonight: Cheese & Wine party (tickets £5, on the door) with music by Greg & Sarah and Nick & Julie-Anne.
    Comments will still be possible.
  • It was a very disappointing exercise. If one had read the response to the consultation process already, there was nothing new to be seen in the Loveless Hall. There does not seem to have been enough thought given to the problems ahead. One example will suffice. The University will not accept a scheme that constrains its prospects for future expansion either across Boundary Road or over the A133/134 towards Greenstead. Where are the estimates for the prospective demographic growth here in Wivenhoe and from population inflow from elsewhere? Where could a new cemetery be situated? Where would additional housing go? Between Broadfields and the football club? Where would a new community centre - assuming one might be built - be located? Is the shop and hairdressers at The Cross viable in the longer term? Questions, questions but no significant options for those attending the Loveless Hall to reflect upon. Very disappointing indeed.
  • I felt it was a success, in that the object was to share the thinking at this stage in the proceeding, allow conversation and feedback and remind people that they are welcome to join in at this new stage in the process.

    There was a lively interest shown, valuable information exchanged and we are now ready to make strides in deciding the site allocation parameters.

    It is disappointing for the hard working volunteers of the steering group to run into anonymous criticism.

    Where do you think the cemetry should be situated?  And why?  In the process of creating a neighbourhood plan for 18 years it is essential to come up with guidelines for making these decisions rather than just asigning sites for current needs.

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    One person told me today the same kind of thing as @Junius says above. It may have been Junius for all I know as he displayed similar reticence about his identity and was only prepared to give his initials.
    It was explained to him that he had had the wrong expectation of today's exercise but appeared more interested in being scathing than in being informed.
    What can you do...
    One day, Wivenhoe will have a plan and it will have been made by the community that DID take an interest in the process.

    Edited to add: today, four people came to the front desk of the hall, unprompted by anything other than what they had seen and read, asking how they could become more involved.
    Now that's more like it :)

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