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Storm damage or mindless vandalism?

We were informed by Brian Sinclair  that the Bug Shack in the Wildlife Garden had fallen to the ground and had perhaps been blown over in the recent storms.

Well, I am not a qualified forensic, but the pictures I have taken here would suggest that this was an act of vandalism, as other items in the garden have also been destroyed from what I very much doubt was storm damage. It took a fair bit of my strength to get the thing together so I am afraid I have little doubt that some person under the influence of something - or someone - was moved to do this. 

I have no intention of going through any official channels of detection, retribution or litigation, but I would like to give the perpetrators an opportunity to consider what it is like to see how depressing it is to see countless hours of work destroyed in one mindless moment and perhaps give them an opportunity to voluntarily regain some self respect by making themselves available for unpaid work when required.

I hope we can all learn from this and how we can handle it. At some point however, I will want to strengthen the position around the bug shack to make it more difficult to push over.

On the bright side, we did at least find some signs of life in the debris, which will hopefully find its way back to safety if we haven't already re-homed it in recovering the shack. I am not sure the frog pictured was a resident, but he was certainly in the vicinity of the paving slab which has served as an anvil for the Song Thrushes shelling snails.

I am posting this so that the word can spread that we know what has happened and hope that peer pressure might persuade someone to come forward and take the opportunity to learn from their misjudgement.




  • Oh Glyn, that's terrible - after all Debs and your work. I hope someone comes forward.

  • What a horrible thing to happen. It's a beautiful area, such a shame.
  • The bug shack was a piece of art work as well as having a functional purpose.  I do hope it can be resurrected.
  • I loved the bug shack and have been trying to collect 'things' to make a similar one for my small garden. I am so sad it has come down. I really hope it was the wind.
  • edited October 2014
    It is back up now thanks mainly to Debs patient work yesterday and a small amount of brute force from me.

    The whole thing weighs - I would guess - about 300 pounds plus with most of the weight (by design!) at the bottom in the form of ceramics and roof tiles. With bushes all around it and a generally sheltered spot, I would suggest, together with evidence of ornaments smashed on one of very few rocks in the garden, that the weight of evidence is suggesting that this was not a weather event. 

    A shame, but every village has at least one idiot.

  • Well done you two. Apart from being a great shelter it looks really attractive too.
  • Thank you Debbie and Glyn
  • Yeah, I'm not a big fan of CCTV. I value my privacy and other people's right to it also. I just think peer pressure should do the trick with these people, especially in a place like Wivenhoe, where the vast majority of people are brilliant and lead by example.

    No point in trying to hunt down these guys. They haven't hurt anyone. I'd rather the police concentrate their efforts on keeping real thugs off the streets.

  • I heard some youngsters shouting and using foul language over at the skate park. I  politely asked them to talk quietly and they did. (Mind you I don't know what they said when I passed] 
  • They probably had a joke at your expense, but that is better than the mouthful you might have had if you were confrontational and patronising.
  • oh that's horrible - I just discovered the wildlife garden with my little daughter a couple of weeks ago and we loved the bug shack.

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