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We have now rolled out Vanilla 2.1, the latest secure release of the forum software. As well as the various tech changes, there is also a significant change to the user interface.

Many, many thanks to Wivenhoe based @mike_, who has been volunteering his developer skills in helping with this. Please do consider him if you have any paid dev work that needs carrying out.

A parallel test bed forum has been trialed for a number of months now. We’ve tried to replicate any of the issues that bugged the old forum.

Vanilla 2.1 offers increased security and general under the bonnet smoothness. We had to upgrade - support for 2.0 will be turned off sometime towards the end of the year. Plus browser advances have overtaken the software. The IE11 issues that plagued 2.0 have now been resolved.

Here are some of the tech changes.

A custom wivforum theme has been created based in Bootstrap. We rather like Bootstrap but felt that it needed some modification. The beauty of having a custom theme means that we can now move forward updating the Vanilla core as and when, yet the custom theme will remain ours for tinkering with.

Likewise there is a wivforum specific mobile theme. The majority of traffic is increasingly coming via mobile. The theme allows you to access individual categories, as requested.

Previous text editor bugs on tablet and mobile have also been resolved.

Other new toys:

The fiddly database merge following the forum outage a couple of summers ago has now been resolved. This means that all users can now change, edit or even delete their user pics. A polite reminder that the Terms of Use also relate to any image that you might want to upload.

You can manage your notification preferences by clicking on the globe icon underneath your user name to the top right of the screen. Tick boxes cover either email or popup notifications for various forum functions. To the right of this is your Inbox, and then further right are any threads that you have bookmarked.

The search functionality is far more powerful than in Vanilla 2.0, which was pretty rubbish, to be honest.

The max image size has now increased with the new design of the forum. An image of 750 px wide is acceptable. Please do resize any images before uploading. There is a max file size set at 250KB.

You really don’t need a file size larger than this for publishing an image online. Anything bigger only eats into the forum bandwidth and disc space, not to mention drastically slowing down the user experience from the front end.

There is now the added functionality of embedding an image direct from the absolute url of another source. This helps the forum immensely as it cuts down on our bandwidth use. To add an image from another source, find the full url and paste this the text box once you have pressed the Image button in the new editor.

You can still attach an image and have this stored on the forum server. The 250KB size limit remains if you want to use our server space for free.

The diary has been shifted from the sidebar to the navbar. It gives a little extra space for the forum posts to breathe, plus it makes it easier for me to update. Diary dates to jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk please.

The one downside to the transition has been that quotes simply aren’t compatible with the new html5 editor that we are using. @Mike_ and I have exhausted all possible solutions in trying to get this to work.

We have come to the conclusion that the many benefits of 2.1 far outweigh the loss of quotes. Put simply, support for 2.0 will be turned off soon. We had to make this jump.

Unless the Quotes plugin itself sees some Developer update, cutting and pasting of the text from another user is the way around this for now.

Oh - and smilies have been disabled ;)

I'm sure @mike_ could add more detail.

Please flag any wobbles or weirdness, or functionality that may be missing. The old database should have been ported over in full, moth pictures and all.



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    Thanks Jason!

    I hope everyone finds the new theme much clearer and easier to use.

    As @Jason said, we've been more or less forced into an upgrade with the discontinuing of support for vanilla 2.0.x, but on reflection (and after several months of testing and tweaking) I think we've found it to be a great opportunity to make some long needed improvements to the Forum!

    As well as a much more  stable back end (steady on), the new look should make for much easier reading, and really help show off the fantastic photos that get showcased on here.

    Please do leave comments in this thread if you've got any feedback or have found any problems or issues, but at the same time please bear with us while we get through the 'bedding in' stage!

    Bug Reporting

    Please include the following information along with a description of the problem you're having in order to help us find and fix it. If you don't provide ALL this information, I won't be able to help you.
    • Operating System (including version)
    • Browser (including version)
    • A link to the page affected (if applicable)
    • A screenshot of the problem (if applicable or you deem it necessary)
    • Details on how to replicate the problem (if applicable)
  • Hi - I just tried to change my profile picture and it said that I do t have permission to do that.  There is a little pop up saying 'change picture' but I can't do it?
  • Try it now pls @queenie.
  • Stickies aren't sticky.

    We're aware of this ;)
  • Stickies now fixed @mike_.
  • On the PC (Windows 7 Home Premium/Firefox/Pale Moon) bird pictures that used to be shown as thumbnails underneath a post now show as large as the in-post pics, only fuzzier.
    On the Nexus 7/Android 4.4.4/ Chrome everything looks normal.
  • Could you link to an example of the problem please @Marika
  • Doh - no!
    When I went back to it, it all looked normal!
  • I deleted my photo and went to find a new one but they were all too big at 250k so no photo.
  • You really don't need an image higher than 250KB to publish online @queenie, especially for a thumb that will just be scaled down anyway. Image sizes have been the main cause of our bandwidth issues.

    Try re-sizing with an online tool like shrinkpictures.
  • Thank you!  I've managed to find one that will fit although not my first choice.
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    Great. Thanks for persisting.

    We are very aware that there will be many snags over the coming days. This is nothing compared to the issues we have tried to iron out over the last few months in the test bed. Having users report these here will at least make us aware of the problems.

    There is possibly an issue with user verification when we ported the database over. This *may* be stopping users from posting.

    If you are an existing user and are finding this to be the case, you can self-verify. Head to your Profile page (via your username in the navbar) and click on the verification link.

    We're still pondering what might have caused this and how we can verify en mass.
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    I have an overwhelming desire to express my appreciation to Jason & Mike for an even better Forum. The  2.0  was a boon & led to greater integration of the various interest groups in Wiv. My thanks to you both.   
  • Ditto to elmfoot's comments. I just had a look at the "school transport" thread but no previous comments are showing. There does not appear to show (at least on my smartphone) where to access previous pages...
  • @Glyn - scroll down to the bottom of the phone view and there should be a number line linking to the previous pages.

    I think.
  • Nope, sorry.
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    @Jason @mike_ thanks for migrating the forum to the new environment much appreciated.I often use the mark all as read function and located it under the settings icon. Thought this post may be useful signpost to others. (edited for line spacing)

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    Nothing like this?

    Phone model pls?

  • @Mike   to explain the mystery of Marika's post above 

    The large out of focus thumbnail (as large as the attachment in the post) is something that happens on some of the old posts on the first visit to the thread. An example is below. 
    The thumbnail is either out of focus or the image enlarged and stretched. However when you revisit the thread the thumbnail has settled back to how it used to be on the old version of the Forum, and everything is fine. So I guess it is  just one of those settling down things with the new version, but I think it explains why you couldn't reproduce the problem Marika.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • @Glyn this may sound daft but can you double check you're viewing a thread with more than one page? I'm struggling to replicate the problem on my iPhone.

    Would appreciate feedback on this bug from any other Android users!
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    Same phone as mine, but I CAN see the page numbers
    edit to add: both in portrait and landscape.
    But I have to use landscape view on my Nexus 7 to get the full view.
    Have you tried landscape?
  • Double checked. Still no previous pages on the same thread.
  • Have just picked up school bus thread on the computer. It is about halfway down the page.

    I assumed on the smartphone that it was a new page as I couldn't see any postings either...

    So the problem is that the smartphone isn't loading the page content properly, including the postings
  • @RogerMainwood - thinking it might be just old images that were ported over that are experiencing the initial fuzziness.

    Posting up a new image here to test the theory.

  • Seems fine.
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    @Glyn as this is something I can't replicate and other users are saying they're not experiencing problems, I think we'll have to file it under 'to keep an eye on' for now.
  • Is there a mark all read for the mobile version?

    Cannot see anything on Google Nexus 4, Android 4.4.4 using Chrome.
  • Thanks @Marika, I think that only works for the desktop view though unfortunately.

    @Mottza I'll have a play with this when I get a chance - I think it'd be handy to access a few things like that on the mobile view.
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