Locksmith required

Anyone know of a local locksmith. Struggle to lock my conservatory door (presume a barrels dropped or something).

Any recommendations appreciated.



  • Recommend JPE Locksmiths at Cox Road, Alresford.  07756256316.  Very efficient and prompt.
  • Cheers thanks TAF
  • edited November 3
    I have also contacted a locksmith near me last night but they haven't worked well with the lock, So any recommendations here please share ??
  • Taylor Locksmiths 01255 714236 (www.tendringlocksmiths.com) were brilliant when I couldn't lock my patio doors. I called them out to check an estimate, previous locksmith had quoted £100 + for new lock.
    He spent a lot of time realigning the doors and sorted out the existed lock, charged me less than half the previous quote.
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