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Spring Gardening

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Spring is upon us and the garden requires its annual spring clean. We will be tidying up in the garden on Sunday 6th April from 10 am till 13:30. We will also be doing the final preparations to the ground where the wildflower meadow is to be planted amongst the orchard in the Jubilee garden.

The more the merrier so please do come down to give support. The pond is looking good and the plants are becoming established. With your help we can make the Jubilee Garden looking pretty too!

Let me know below if you can make it.

All the best

John Rowland


  • Where is this garden?
  • By the playing field. If you walk up the path from the car park it is on the right just before the Montessori. Behind the scout hut and council buildings.

    If you're still unsure let me know.

  • Just a reminder that we will be in the wildlife and Jubilee gardens this Sunday from 10 am. The tools we will need are small hand trowels, digging spades, garden rakes (not the lawn rakes) and wheel barrows. I will bring a few spare tools down for those that don't have any.

    See you all on Sunday!

  • There may be a bit of rain tomorrow; probably just showers, but wellies might be a good shout, or at least shoes that you don't mind getting a bit muddy.

    See you all in the morning!

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    A good start was made on sowing the wildflower meadow this morning. More work still needs doing, but it is coming along. The meadow and the newly planted community orchard (20 apple and pear trees) are to one side of the existing wildlife garden which you can find on the King George Vth playing fields near to the Scout hut.

    Pictured are John Rowland and Sue Williams, and a young toad visited this morning's proceedings as well!


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    The preparation of the wild flower meadow will continue this Wednesday (9th April) from 2pm. There is still lots to do, so if anyone is free to help out just turn up with a spade and/or fork to dig over some more ground, rake it over, and then sow the seeds. 
    It is hoped the work can be completed before the 25th April, which is the opening night of the upcoming series of Wild About Wivenhoe events. The opening night event will be held at the Wildlife Garden, and a series of events for adults and children, will run until 18th May, details to follow.  But to get the wildflower meadow completed in time it will need extra pairs of hands !

  • On behalf of everyone I would like ti say a big THANK YOU to Roger, Sue and Keith for the brilliant work on Wednesday. When the wildflowers are blooming it is going to be a lovely space for everyone to enjoy!

    More work is still needed to be done though so if anyone is interested in being involved let us know. It would be amazing if we could get this whole area looking pretty this summer!!


  • Two months on and the wildflower meadow is starting to burst into bloom. It can be found opposite the Wivenhoe Wildflower Garden in a corner of the King George Vth playing fields.

  • That's beautiful well done
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