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Community Orchard

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We have 20 apple and pear trees, one year maidens, to be planted in a new community orchard as part of the jubilee garden. This will help link the wildlife garden to the jubilee garden and with the wildflowers that are going to be sown will provided an excellent habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.

If you want to be involved let me know. The trees will be arriving on February 18th which is in half term. The space should be cleared ready for then. Any help would be much appreciated!! I don't mind if it is during the week or at the weekend.


John Rowland


  • Count on me and Debs!
  • Thanks Glyn!!
  • Having spoken to a few people I think the weekend will be the best time to plant the trees and it will give me the week to get the ground ready. It will either be Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd, depending on what suits the majority of helpers.

    If anyone is available to help with the preparations during the week that would be fantastic too!

    John Rowland
  • Ready to help out...
  • Excellent, when would you prefer Puffin?
  • If you suggest some dates/times we can diary something up. (you already have my e-mail via PM)
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    We are all go for Sunday February 23rd for planting the community orchard; 10am till 1pm.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!! :-)


  • In the diary...
  • The Council groundsmen have done a brilliant job in difficult conditions getting the ground ready for Sunday. We need to do our bit now on Sunday planting all the trees. I hope you have your spades ready, as well as your Wellington boots as it is a little wet and muddy!! ;-)
  • The weather looks to be dry for the next few days so hopefully the ground will not be too bad. The wind looks to be picking up though for Sunday so bring your ear muffs! There is plenty to do. We will need to dig out holes through rubble in places and improve the soil for the trees. There is also some clearing of brambles and sawing of felled trees to be done. Lighter work will also need doing in the wildlife garden.

    See you all on Sunday at 10am!
  • I'll be there. Do I need to bring any tools.....axe, bow saw, felling axe, spade.
  • Hello - I don't think we can get a photographer along, but if someone takes a nice picture of you all digging in and planting it would be good to get a little bit in the Gazette :-)

    Will ([email protected])

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    I have a few large bow saws and a couple of hand saws but if you have anything then bring it down. There are a lot of trees to cut to size to form a more attractive log pile for stag beetles. Loppers would also be useful. Spades definitely and maybe a fork as the ground is full of stone and rubble. You might also need some ear muffs as the wind is picking up and it is a cold wind! We will take as many pictures as we can then hopefully one of them would be useable in the paper! :-)
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    A new bench has now been installed in the Community Orchard and Wildflower Meadow area. The bench commemorates the First World War centenary.
    The wildflower meadow is reaching full bloom at the moment so well worth a visit . Find it next to the Wildlife Garden on King George Vth playing fields near to the Scout hut.

  • Well done John and everyone else that helped. It's looking fabulous.
  • Lapwing, whatever happened to the circle we loving prepared as a 'wildflower bed'?  I understood it was to be top-dressed with a wildflower mix...
  • @puffin...the circle is full or marigolds and some are starting to bloom.
  • The circle we had to pile drive to break up the soil? It's growing well, (all be it with a few nettles in), but not in flower yet. 
  • Good to see John Rowland ( a main contributor to the Wivenhoe Wildlife garden and Jubilee garden) is busy over the water in Rowhedge doing similar things....
    "Mr Rowland said his inspiration came from plant pots at the Black Buoy pub in Wivenhoe, which were planted with vegetables, such as the colourful rainbow chard, among sweet scented herbs and flowers."

    John's vision is to have part of the area that is the (as yet unfinished) Wivenhoe Jubilee Garden given over to Forest Gardening . So far some trees have been planted for the community orchard, but there is a lot more to be realised.

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