Data inputting help needed

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This morning the total paper returns of the Survey reached 529.
Lots of people have used the on-line facility and I'm waiting to hear how many that will add to the grand total.

The data on all these paper surveys need to be entered into the on-line Surveymonkey so that they can be analysed and more help with doing this would be very welcome!
It's not a difficult task and requires no special skills: if you are one of the people who completed the questionnaire on-line you've got all it takes and the work can be done at home.

We are aiming to finish this task by 13 January.
Please PM me if you think you can help.


  • Thanks for the responses! Don't forget to look at the inbox feature above for my reply!
  • Happy to help, but for an innocent, non-Tweeting relative newcomer to the Forum, how do I 'PM you'?
  • Hi! Thanks for the offer of help.
    PM-ing is simple: click on my name and you'll be taken to a screen where you'll see an option to "send (X) a message"
    Click on that and start the conversation.

    When there's a reply you'll see a little number after the 'inbox' tab at the top.
    Click on that to read your message (which will also have arrived in your email that's linked to your Forum account- but DON'T reply from there or the message will go to the wrong place. Use the Forum inbox instead).
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