NE Essex NHS Clinical Commissioning Group board meeting in Wivenhoe_Nov 26th

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Everyone is welcome to attend the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group Board Meeting on Tuesday Nov 26th at 2pm at the William Loveless Hall. (see attached press release - to view, sign in to Forum and click on it.)



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    Questions from the public will be taken at the start of the above meeting in the William Loveless Hall. Of great interest will of course be the recent revelations about cancer services at Colchester Hospital.

    Another topic that could come up is Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's announcement last week that patients will be able to register at any doctors surgery they like from next October. In other words the old catchment area model for allocating GP services is to be scrapped.

    This is a proposal that has been kicking around for sometime, with Labour's Andy Burnham promoting the idea in 2009. But is it such a good idea, and how will its implementation affect the new Wivenhoe surgery planned for the Phillip Road centre? The Guardian carries this critical opinion piece today on what it might mean. It is written by the head of the department for psychological medicine, Institute of Psychiatry, at King's College London.
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    This is happening today at the William Loveless Hall from 2pm. Questions from the public are taken as item 7 on the agenda which will be early on in the meeting.

    The agenda and all the background papers are here: Board Meeting.html
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    The minutes of the meeting held in Wivenhoe last November are here.

    It says a 'task force' has been set up by NHS England to address the significantly lower number 
    of GPs that there are in the North East of Essex compared with the rest of Essex and the national average. It says this will include a recruitment campaign to encourage more GPs to the area.

    Those concerns are mentioned too in this article in Pulse in January of this year.


    Essex LMCs chief executive Dr Brian Balmer said that practices were struggling with recruitment and that general practice could ‘disappear’ in some areas, with residents of Frinton-on-Sea having only one permanent GP to serve more than 8,000 residents.

    He said: ‘That area is struggling because several practices are very short on doctors, but they’re not alone. If we sit still, we think normal-type general practice is simply going to disappear in some areas.’ 

  • I should add to the above post by saying that at the moment GP recruitment in Wivenhoe is not the problem that it is in other parts of N E Essex. Zoe Cronin, practice manager at the surgery, put it like this:

    "...we have to consider ourselves very lucky here in Wivenhoe that at present we have a full cohort of GPs.  The problems that some of the practices in Tendring and Colchester town centre are experiencing in recruiting are immense.    The new building will give us opportunity to increase the number of health professionals providing there is of course adequate funding available to support this."
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