Pond Life

edited November 2013 in Wildlife Garden

The pond is filling up nicely now, but it still has a little more to go.  Surprising after all the wet weather we have had so far this autumn!  We have added some of the shingle to edge of the pond now to make it more natural looking.  The creeping bent grass that we planted around the edges should now be able to bind this together, creeping into the water to make the edges look more natural while giving the small animals some cover as they get in and out of the water.  Once the pond is full we will sort out the viewing platform which is still a bit messy.

If anyone has some oxygenating plants that you are thinning out of your own pond the wildlife would much appreciate it if you were to add it to the community pond.  Just make sure to wash off any duck weed if you have it in your pond!


John Rowland


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