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Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden Photographer of the Year Award

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To promote the wonder of the natural world we will be holding our first annual photography competition for the 2013-2014 year in the wildlife garden.  The competition will run until October next year so it can be judged and awards handed out at WWW Autumn Watch 2014.  There are a number of categories that you can enter for and there is also a young photographer of the year award so all ages can enter the competition.  We are looking into organising a display of all the winning photographs in the town to show off our wonderful local wildlife.

The categories are:

  • 4 Seasons - 4 photographs, one for each season, are required for this category.
  • Botanical Realms - photographs of the plant life in the garden
  • Animal Portraits - photographs of wild animals that visit the garden
  • Wild Weather - dramatic photographs showing the extremes of weather we can experience in the garden
  • Miniature Worlds - up-close and personal photographs of the plants and animals that you may not spot unless you really focus
  • Underwater World - the pond life was really exciting this year.  In this category we are looking for photographs to show the goings on under the water
  • Animal Behaviour - photographs that capture interesting animal behaviour
  • Nature in Black and White - obviously black and white images of the nature in the garden
  • People in the Garden - photographs of people working, using the garden to relax or simply having fun looking at nature


There will be some fantastic prizes to be won but none more so rewarding as actually spending time in such a beautiful area experiencing some of the amazing nature Wivenhoe has to offer.  The Young Photographer competition will be divided into the following categories:

  • 10 years and under
  • 11 to 14 years
  • 15 to 17 years

Get happy snapping and I look forward to viewing the images you capture of the following year in Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden.  Details on how to enter will be posted at a later date.

Good Luck!!

John Rowland

If you would like some inspiration then visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year webpage run by the British Natural History Museum: 


  • Sounds great. Can't wait to see the details - could be amazing to see the resulting pictures.
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    Get ready to take some good pictures of the garden in the snow.  We had a good weekend in the garden planting the trees and I took a few pictures including the one below which I will call 'Men at Work'.

    Rosie was amazing supplying us with her cracking cakes with fresh coffee and teas.  Thanks Rosie!!  I might call this one Rosie 'Lee'.

    There was also a ginger tom depleting the garden of little mammals.  It caught this one just before a large dog came running through.  Just like a wild leopard it took its prize up the tree.  As well as the vole it also got a mouthful of oak leaves.  Hence the title 'Meat and two veg'.

    Happy Snapping!

  • Hi,

    We have not lived in Wivenhoe that long so are unsure where the wildlife garden is, please could someone let us know .

    Many thanks :)
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    Hi @JimandJan

    The Wildlife Garden is roughly behind the Council Office, to the left of the Scout Hut as you walk towards the KGV.

    Well worth exploring.

    Nature's Bounty

    Nature's Bounty

    Nature's Bounty

    Nature's Bounty

    Nature's Bounty
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    Looking at the photographs I took today I can't believe it is January. Looks like I am going to have to wait a little while to get the winter scenes of the wildlife garden. There is still a lot of things of interest to keep you busy until then!
  • I was just thinking how un-wintry the garden looks the other day, esp. with all the sunny marigolds scattered around. I even recognise some of my pondweed in your photos Lapwing...!  Well captured.
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    I photographed my first ladybugs of the year today. They brightened up what was already a bright sunny day in February!! :-)
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    The spring flowers are blooming while the nettles are producing new tasty shoots. This would be a good time to have a go at some nettle soup!! There are signs of predators using the garden to feed while the herbivorous pond snails are munching away on the new grass shoots. Even the big oak tree seems to changing colour as the new growth inside the buds prepares for the warmer weather. It will be a while longer before the oak unfurls its leaves though as they are the last to join in the harvest of the summer sunlight. It is a great tree to sit underneath to observe the nature of the garden.

    How are your pictures coming along?

    Soon we will be announcing the prizes for the competition. One of which will be the winning images becoming part of a Wivenhoe Wildlife calendar to go on sale to raise funds for the garden and other local wildlife projects. Remember all ages can enter. There will be prizes for youngsters in the different age categories mentioned above as well as the adult competition.

  • This Sunday morning, 10 am till 1 pm, would be a good opportunity for anyone wishing to enter a photograph for the category 'People in the Garden'. Come down and take some pictures!!
  • I have seen some brilliant pictures recently that people could enter for the competition. The garden has been looking really nice this spring making for some lovely 4 season entries. The wild about Wivenhoe event has been a brilliant success. Maybe this would be a good weekend to capture a picture for the competition with pond dipping and moth trapping going on tomorrow with good weather forecast!!

    Happy snapping!
  • Starter for 10...

    Taken today.

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