Help! Volunteers needed for planting 400 trees!

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Transition Town Wivenhoe have just received delivery of over 400 native trees from the Woodland Trust to plant in the community wildlife garden. We will need as many hands as possible to put them in the ground. Next Sunday, 17th November, from 10am until 1pm we will be planting the trees to create a more diverse hedge around the garden to provide food and habitat for a wide range of wildlife. They will have a massive impact on the garden and will be an amazing activity to take part in so in years to come you can say that you helped plant the trees.

Please reply to this link to let me know if you are able to help out with the planting so I wave a good idea of numbers. If you would like to be involved but not available for the 17th, lemme know as we may be able to arrange a different event on the 24th November if that suites more people.

The garden is for the community so it would be fantastic to have as many of the wildlife loving community taking part in the planting of these much needed British trees. All ages welcome.


John Rowland


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    If you want to find out more about the trees we are getting and what it is in aid of you can visit the Woodland Trust website using the links below:
  • Hi John,

    This might make a nice news story - could you drop me a line ( 508334).


  • Hi John,

    My boyfriend and I are really interested in helping out with the planting, shall we just head up to the wildlife garden on the 17th?

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    That's brilliant! Yes, just turn up. If yo have a spade bring it along, but don't worry if not, there will be plenty of tools around. Any time from 10am. I am assuming you know where it is.

    See you Sunday!

    John Rowland :)
  • Hey Jonno; good seeing you last night. Hope to be there on 17th.
  • Hi John
    Count me in. I will be there for 10 am. I will spread the word to my clients this week and see if we can get more volunteers to help out. Thanks for last night really enjoyed your presentation.
  • Thanks Debbie!
  • Do you need a mattock?
  • No thanks Jay, they are only little tree saplings.  The root balls are about 10cm in length.  A few spades and trowels should do.  Are you coming down?

  • Will definitely try to come along for a couple of hours on 17th. Can bring own trowel. 
  • How will 400 trees fit in the garden!
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    They are being grown as a hedge and they are just young saplings at the moment, around 30cm long.  At present hedge is predominantly elm.  We are trying to increase the divesity of the hedge by planting an additional row in front of the current hedge.

    TTW-Jay, I have changed my mind about the mattock.  It might make quick work of making some slots to place the root balls in if we are running out of time digging holes with the spades.


  • I did wonder. I shall bring you a mattock.
  • Thanks a million! See you on Sunday. The weather is looking reasonable for this time of year. Hopefully it stays that way!
  • The weather looks to be perfect hedge planting weather on Sunday. Cloudy, damp with little wind. Wrap up warm and maybe bring down a flask of hot drink. It should be a lovely way to spend an autumnal Sunday morning! See you there!
  • I will be there Lapwing, but more like 11am than 10am. Hope that's stilk okay.
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  • Damn - not likely to make this on time now. Hope it goes brilliantly!
  • Grateful thanks to Rosie for keeping us all going with her 'travelling cafe' with coffee, tea, cakes, and even napkins!  Good to meet up with friends old & new: lovely way to spend a morning...
  • A massive THANK YOU to everyone that helped plant the trees on Sunday, particularly Rosie for the fabulous cafe set up with home baked cakes, fresh coffee and tea selection! Everyone did an amazing job and the garden is now surrounded by beautiful trees. In years to come this will provide the perfect habitat and food source for a number of species. Hopefully the local ginger cat doesn't eat them all!! I am also looking forward to the possibilities of using some of the fruits of our labour making elderflower champagne and sloe gin.

    Thanks again

  • Hi John,

    Could you give me a quick ring when you get a chance re. paper coverage :-)


  • Will Lodge has put a piece in today's Gazette on page 2.

  • Here's an update from TTW on the tree planting.

    Plus a little more about recent activities in the Station Master's Garden.
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