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I've created a new forum category - Wildlife Garden.

This is at the request of @lapwing and @chrisgibson. The category speaks for itself, plus it is hoped that this section of the forum might be used to help share some photographs following the Watching Wivenhoe Wildlife autumn event at The Nottage this Friday.

This could also be an apt moment to remind forum members that you can access the forum via any of the categories displayed in the sidebar ---->>>>

The default view if for All Discussions, although a url of http://www.wivenhoeforum.co.uk/categories/wivenhoe-artists would bring up... Wivenhoe Artists.

If you want to read the forum via RSS, all categories also have their own RSS feed. The default RSS feed for all categories is:


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Which kinda brings us back to the Wildlife Garden...


  • Can you recommend an RSS feed app for iPhone Jason? There seem to be several free ones but I'm not sure what's what. Thanks
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    Net News Wire is the established iPhone RSS app. It's pretty basic and does the does.

    I use Feedly. It's brilliant! It automatically syncs your feeds across different devices. You can read content on an iPhone, and then switch to your iPad and it will remember where you got to.

    Flipboard is doing something interesting things, converting feeds into a magazine style layout.

    The Old Reader is pretty much a clone of the much missed Google Reader.
  • As gardens go, we visited the daddy of 'em all on Sunday at Beth Chatto's.

    A great place to hang out. Tranquil, buzzing with wildlife and botanical interest, tea rooms and dry garden areas to enjoy free of charge and even a meeting room.

    Deserves a plug as dear old Beth donated a raffle prize for the WWW Autumnwatch show. Photo taken by Debs.

  • Beth Chatto nurseries also donated some of the plants in our wildlife garden.  I wish i could afford to buy some land and follow in Mrs Chatto's footsteps.  It would be a dream to live in a house with the view she has from her window. 

    Nice photo Debbie 

  • Beth is a client of mine and I keep her updated on all that is happening with the wildlife garden and all of the www team events. We may think about an event at her gardens, like a four season bird vigil...plus more
  • That would be brilliant. We could do some other bits too like choosing plants for wildlife. Maybe some of the nursery staff could do a session on plant propagation, or I could do something. I would love to meet Beth, you are lucky to have her as a client!
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