Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife: Toadflax Brocade Survey

edited September 2013 in Wivenhoe Wildlife
Calling all Wildlife Watchers of Wivenhoe.  It appears that Wivenhoe may have become a bit
of a hot spot for a nationally rare moth this autumn - the toadflax brocade.
 Several caterpillars have been found in the last few days on plants of purple
toadflax around the town - see my posting a few days ago on the Moths 2013 thread.  They are unmistakable -  very striking pale green with yellow and
black dots arranged in longitudinal stripes.  

Could you please keep your eyes peeled and report any
sightings (where and how many) here or by email and we'll provide an update at our AutumnWatch event. 

As a reminder, here is another shot of the one in the Wildlife Garden, together with the foodplant (a frequent species in many gardens). Also, if you come across any Common (yellow) Toadflax, look for them on that as well please.
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