Westleton Heath Wildlife

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A selection of photos from a chill out on the heath. The last 2 are of the Grayling butterfly. Its camouflage is both clever and frustrating as it seems to disappear almost as soon as it alights. The field guide tells you they never open their wings at rest. But it could have gone on to say "...except when they are courting." imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


  • superb photos, thanks
  • I'll second that 'superb'. The colours momentarily 'took my breath away'.
    Now I'm going to 'google' Westleton Heath'.  
  • There were loads of these Graylings on North Warren (Thorpeness) today. Also the little blue one - don't know the name of that.
  • The Little Blue one is Common Blue, which we can also see in Wivenhoe. It is more likely to see Common Blue on grassland or heathland, whereas Holly Blue is more likely to occur in gardens. As they are broadly similar, below are pictures of both at rest to compare. Here, the Common Blue is markedly more colourful.imageimage
  • They didn't have the red spots. They were just a very bright blue, just like the first one you showed. Flitting about with the Graylings on clumps of heather. Also saw my first adder, lying across the wooden walkway. And a Marsh Harrier gave a spectacular flying display at Minsmere.
  • The only blue that is normally associated with heather is the silver-studded blue. That is bright blue, but does have orange spots, and the subterminal black spots have a few silvery scales in the centre (see picture below), hence their name...image
  • Well I really didn't notice orange spots. But I only saw them with their wings wide open, so maybe that explains it. There were only two of them and innumerable Graylings.
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