Is this a spider?

edited August 2013 in Wivenhoe Wildlife
Found this on the bathroom wall yesterday. It was about 1 cm long, assumed it was a spider but close up it looks more like some kind of a reptile. Anyway, I left it there and it was gone by the evening. 


  • Turn it around the other way and it will look like a spider, which is what it is. A great attempt at looking like a frog, but the hairs kinda give it away.

    As to what species it is...? We will need the eminent Dr Chris for that.

  • Thanks, I'm relieved its a spider, don't like the thought of a baby reptile hiding somewhere in the house!
  • It looks like a Large House Spider Tegeneria gigantea or a close relative thereof - large and alarming, but really quite charming when you get to know them!
  • Don't tell me; many of your best friends are Large House Spiders...?!
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