What's that bird/moth/butterfly/animal?

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For every decent photo - especially in this throw-away, digital age, there are always a few failures. And in the case of birds in particular, ones that almost got away, or turned away at the last second, or dived, or got pounced on by a Sparrowhawk...

Perhaps others have photos of this kind they might want to post on here to tease us with?

Anyway, here's one for starters. I found it in Villa Wood this afternoon having tracked it down from its song... 

What's that bird? 



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    Collared Dove?  I am sure it must be something a bit more extravegant with a much more ellaborate song, but it does look like a collared dove. ;-)
  • Nope ;-)
  • turtle dove?
  • Umm...... I know you photographed a stock dove just recently.....is it that?
  • Oriental Turtle Dove?


  • Debs, that is cheating.

    And anyway, you're wrong. 

    Congrats to Roger foe correctly calling Turtle Dove! We are lucky to have maybe four pairs in the area as they are now in critical decline.

    Attached is a proper pic, taken from Paxman's gravel works a few weeks back.

  • It's just like Spingwatch Unsprung! And here's the reveal...
  • Four weeks on...image
  • I'm thinking Hawk Moth?
  • I agree with Roger! : )
  • Hmmm...

    Must have been too easy. Gimme a couple of days to skim through all my failed photos...
  • Released a very pretty little moth from my bathroom this morning, with the old glass and card trick. Didn't manage a pic (this one's pinched from a website) but I think it was a Clouded Border.

    Clouded Border  Lomaspilis marginata (Adult)
  • Spot on with your identification!
  • Obviously I couldn't hold a tape measure alongside this to show you the size, but I can tell you this is probably 5-6cm above water...!

    I think I know what it is, but it was in the larger fishing pit behind the cricket ground. Kingfisher was also there, but sadly no photo yet...

    And yes, it was moving and yes, it did submerge...



  • Anyone care to guess? I think experienced forum-goers call this a bump don't they?

    Answer tomorrow evening.


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    It is the fin of a massive pike. I have looked at some pics on the net and can see that this isn't necessarily a classic shape but I could see that it was over 3ft long.

    A BIG beastie!
  • OK, what's this? Absolutely no clues this time! 


  • Glow-worm or ladybird larvae?
  • Make your mind up!
  • Glow worm larvae (thanks Puffin - had thought it faintly resembled a ladybird larvae but wasn't "spiky" looking enough).
  • Photographed by Chris Gibson on Sunday evening - in Wivenhoe of course!

    Well done both!
  • This camera-shy chap was on the grazing marsh yesterday. Any guesses from the floor?

    I'm off to try for a better photo this morning now it's bright, but I also have one in the archive, so one way or another I will reveal all - or at least more - later.

    And yes, it will be of the bird in question. Titter ye not. ;-)

  • Hmmm....redpoll, redstart, linnet......or none of the above?
    I'll have a stab at linnet
  • None of the above. Oops!


    3 strikes and you're out...??? ;-)

  • It's a small bird.
  • Now we're getting somewhere...
  • A bird in an oak tree?

    Thats the extent of my knowledge, Im better with dog breeds.

  • Love the photos though.
  •  Female Wheatear?


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