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New path in wildlife garden

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There is now a new gravel path in the wildlife garden that will merge into the mini wildflower meadow under the big oak tree.  Jean and Al were amazing today, helping level the path then shift 5 tonnes of gravel!!  There will be a few aches and pains tomorrow but it was worth the effort.  Everything is coming on nicely for the opening on May 18th for the Open Gardens event. 

Does anyone know a local artist that might want to do some pieces in the garden?


  • I may know a floral artist who could be interested; she is Colchester based - is there a website or email I can direct her too?

  • Excellent.  She could contact one of the transition group at [email protected] Ruth Melville is probably the best person to talk to.  Or she can message me on the forum.
  • ok, she won't be a member of the forum, but I will pass on the email and a link to this thread.


  • I discouraged two youths from vandalising the site a couple of days ago - I wonder how it will fare in this regard when it is finished and far more tempting.
  • Thanks for that.  Hopefully it will be being used by more people like yourself that will keep the one or two youths that may be a little thoughtless in check. ;-)
  • Maybe Prue Green could create a piece?
  • In a park in Ambleside, they got some of the youths "known to the police" to help with the building of a stone sculpture. The sculpture did not suffer damage or defacement for many years.     
  • Sounds like a good idea to me.  Just got back from a week in the Langdales so probably walked past the sculpture you are talking about a few times over the week.  I'll look out for it next time I'm up. ;-)
  • Hello, I am part of the WWW team and have a masters degree in sculptural practice, if I can be of any help please get in touch. I love being creative! Plus I live and work in this beautiful town.
  • Wow what an offer
  • Glyn has just posted some of my creative work on the Wivenhoe gallery thread. Heading "Debs pottery".
  • Wivenhoe Town Council staff were today doing work on the Wildlife Garden path. It was originally laid with gravel, but this was always seen as a temporary measure. The idea is to make it more accessible, especially for wheelchair users.
  • Don't panic the scalpings are not the end finish. The guys will be finishing it off with a layer of self binding gravel.
  • edited August 2014
    ...and following on from Andrea's post above, the path has now been completed. It has a harder surface than the original path and will now be more easily accessible for wheelchairs and child buggies.

    This all had a mention at the Wivenhoe Town Council AGM on 19th May this year.

    14.6 Jubilee Gardens Working Group.

    Cllr. Vaughan reported that a meeting would be arranged soon.  There is still an outstanding issue of the wheelchair friendly path and the Estates Committee were to be asked if time could be allowed for the groundsmen to undertake the path on the wildlife/jubilee garden. Cllr Needham pointed out that he was of the understanding that funding had been gained for this work and therefore a third party should be used for this work.

  • Great stuff!  All we need now is the wildlife garden sign: whatever happened to that...?
  • edited August 2014 mean this lovely piece of work?

    It was illustrated by Richard Allen, designed by John Wallett, and last seen when it was unveiled at the Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife event back in May. Maybe WTC are waiting for funding to have it installed? Perhaps 'lapwing' or Andrea know when it might be in place.

  • It's being Installed by one of the volunteers so dependant on their workload/free time . Good to see the path finally completed.
  • It would be great if it's finally installed before the BBC come filming on 22 August...?
  • Maybe we could arrange a time to go in and do it.  I am free during the week at the moment, but not a weekends.
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