Recommendations for Essex coastal wildlife books/dvds

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Please could the zoologists and biologists, and similar experts here, recommend any books (or DVDs) describing the coastal landscapes of this area accurately - non-fiction or fiction. I'd like to buy/order something like this from the Wivenhoe Bookshop. My favourite so far is Mehalah but it's more evocative than descriptive or informative. Any ideas at all would be brilliant.


  • Suggest you contact Chris Gibson ('Mothman' on this forum) Liz. He's also the author of a free A4 colour booklet by English Nature, titled the 'Essex Coast'. It's a good start point, and I can get one to you if you PM me with contact details?  I personally love 'This Luminous Coast' by Jules Pretty, which the bookshop stocks, but it's a beautifully evocative walking tour round the coastline rather than an accurate description (though with that, and some decent O.S. maps, you'd be well on your way!).
  • Thank you! Will do ... and The Luminous Coast sounds like a perfect title in itself
  • Essex Coast Walk by Peter Caton is pretty good but he does ramble on a bit...

    I'll get my coat...
  • Hi Liz - sorry I have not got back to you sooner, but we have been away for the weekend. However, I think Puffin has made the best recommendations. Hopefully you have my booklet by now - if not let me know and I can get one to you. One of my plans is to write something like that which you want, as it doesn't exist at the moment - but that will probably have to be a project for retirement! And that's ten years off...

    The Luminous Coast is inded a delightful read, and the Essex Coast Walk is a little more practical as a guide, but that's just about all there is. But if you want a guide to identification of the wildlife of the coastline (from the Baltic to the Mediterranean) you could try the guide at this link But the last time I looked they had one in stock at the Bookshop, so please support them!!! I wrote it by the way, so would be happy to sign it for you!


  • Chris

    Read your booklet on the train to work this morning.  Many thanks to you and whoever left copies at the Station - really informative and very well written.

  • Many thanks Chris. Yes, I had the booklet already and it is very useful. And it's amazing that such a book doesn't already exist.
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