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Female Bullfinch in Writtle this morning and Red-legged Partridge, Sardinian Warbler and migrating Cranes on a business trip to Spain.imageimageimageimage


  • Great photos Glyn, but didn't realise that our feathered friends were such entrepreneurs, off on "a business trip to Spain".  Clearly they're not bird-brains after all!!
  • partridge best in the oven lol - have a few them here sometimes in the spring - run round the garden like roadrunners lol - rarely fly then when trying to pair up i guess
  • Taken this morning around 6.45.image
  • Shamelessly "twitched" the Desert Wheatear at Abberton Reservoir today. These chaps breed in North Africa and the Middle East so this one is way off course and only the second record for Essex.image
  • Saw 5 of these pecking around the marsh just downriver of the barrier yesterday. Never seen so many all at the one time before.  Also loads of curlew, but the 15 lapwing remained on the old lighter, heads tucked under their wings, and out of the brisk wind).
  • The Essex Wheatear was mentioned on BBC Autumnwatch last night (if I caught it right).
  • Yes it was. Chris said lots of bird watchers had been to see it.
  • The Great Grey Shrike at Hardy's Green. Poor quality backlit shot.image
  • In Chelmsford this weekend but still bumped into some Waxwings (you will tell me when you get tired of these won't you!) and just now 3 Redpolls feeding on nyger seeds in the out-laws' garden.imageimageimageimageimage
  • When you are tired of Waxwings you are tired of life.
  • As much as I miss Wivenhoe when on long weekends in Chelmsford with the kids, early morning walks and occasional glances at the bird feeders can be rewarding. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
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    First Willow Warbler of the year in Writtle this morning plus one or two other goodies...


    The Great crested Grebe was at Ardleigh Reservoir and the Redshank from Alresford Creek.


    Have a great weekend!



  • More wonderful photos Glyn. Saw my first swallow on thurs. over the marsh/meadow just upriver from Rowhedge, and at the same time saw the pair of great crested grebes which have been haunting this upriver stretch of water for over a week now. A few scatterings of white starred blossom appearing on the blackthorn now, and some starburst yellow celandines also beside the Wivenhoe Trail just maybe...
  • Was on Mersea Island yesterday with Alec Selley doing a wildfowl count. Initially bright weather gave us a pleasant start and we found an adder on the sea wall sunbathing....

    But the find of the day was a pair of Common Cranes which flew anti-clockwise round the island and eventually gave views to others alerted in the area before disappearing around Tollesbury Wick. A very grainy, hazy record shot from half a mile is attached.

    There were plenty of Swallows and 5 Wheatear at Cudmore Grove, so a proper spring day with some decent passage going on!

  • Just the day before, I found what I now know was a Siberian Chiffchaff in Writtle. Attached (for the really nerdy bird scientists) is a grainy record shot of the chunky, grey version of our Chiffchaff, plus a sound recording of the song - very different to our normal olive-coloured chappies! 


    STOP PRESS - Can't upload the song :-(


    The point I would make though is how interesting it is that quite a few eastern species have reached our shores this spring already. To me this is a clear indication of what happens when you get weeks of easterly winds! I am guessing that they all filtered into the north-western tip of France and then hopped across the Channel as soon as there was a southerly blow...


    Watch this space!

  • Any news about the Dawn Chorus event coming up Glyn?
  • See other thread 'Upcoming Events'  It's 27 April, 4.45 for 5 am (yawn...).  Pre-booking advised.
  • Yawn...?!?!

    It's pretty damned exciting I'd say!

  • Any chance of a yummy and extremely unhealthy full English breakfast afterwards like last time?
  • It has not been organised this time, sorry.


    The WWW team have all been pretty busy (busier even than last year) with day to day matters and it would have been a stretch to get this organised. I was a few quid out of pocket last time but didn't mind because it supported "my" charity and because I could afford it ;-)


    This year things are slightly different on all fronts but hopefully we can enhance future events with more time and resource available.

  • Not casting aspersions on the interest/merit of the jaunt Glyn, it's just that whenever I see such an early start I begin to yawn..   I think I'm really giving a clue about my ability to be 'up with the lark', nightingale, etc. etc.
  • Hey Puffin, was only teasing ;-)

    In Writtle again this weekend. These two chaps came and visited the feeders while I was supping tea on the patio. I know, I know... I should get a life.

    Oh yeah, they are (male) Lesser Redpoll and Goldfinch. The former will have migrated north very soon and the latter should be next building around about now.

  • Male Yellow Wagtail from Abberton Reservoir today. Large flocks of Swallows and Swifts dropping out of the sky to hawk the insects thereon.image
  •  To hell with work, it's Friday afternoon! Pictures from Ardleigh Reservoir:

    Great Crested Grebe and male Yellow Wagtail.

  • Chelmsford again. Well, Writtle actually...

    Red Kite just before the deluge. A bit distant and grainy but one day I will have one fly right over Wivenhoe in bright sunshine...!

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    Osprey, taken yesterday at Abberton reservoir, viewed from the Layer Breton causeway. It has been there for a couple of weeks now and well worth a look. With patience - and if it is hungry - you will see it plunging feet first into the water and then skilfully arrange the fish to point forward, head first as it flies off to the perch to eat.image
  • Common Tern, also from Abberton during an extended lunch break. The Osprey did not show :-(image
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