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Radio Wivvy's latest new show will be broadcast on Thursdays at 11am. It's a fortnightly show, but will repeat on alternate weeks. It's hosted by George Mac and Ginny Waters, and will consider all aspects of local and national 'art'.  In practice, this will include local/national art exhibitions, local/national writers work, local/national music, local/national theatre etc...etc.

We begin with reviews of our recent outdoor 'Tempest' in the grounds of Broomgrove school, followed by a very unusual interpretation of 'King Lear' by 'Red Rose Chain' at 'Theatre in the Woods' in Rendlesham forest, Andy Brooke's recent art exhibition in the Picture framing gallery, local writers work, Matthew Hollis recent biography of Edward Thomas, a diary of forthcoming events, and much more...

We're happy to publicise forthcoming arts events, and to interview you about your plans.  The rest is up to you...


  • Sounds great George, will try to tune in :) Good Luck with the series x
    p.s. Where IS Radio Wivvy by the way? 
  • Hello Rosie. Radio Wivenhoe broadcasts from a donated office at the Wivenhoe Business Centre in Brook St.However, it's usually only staffed when there are live shows going out, as staff are all voluntary, with other jobs/commitments.

     Your good self will feature on TWO Radio Wivvy shows this week: the above, and also 'Country Diary' coverage of 'Moth Night' on tuesday (tomorrow) at 11am.  Happy listening!

  • Oh no! I missed it thanks to being on the phone trying to arrange my house purchase (a seemingly endless series of phone calls, chase-ups, further chase-ups etc...) 

    Will it be available on Listen Again Puffin? It's not yet, but I'm hoping it will be... 
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    Shall ask Jerry Davis (Godfather of Radio Wivvy) if it can be so...     ' Listen again with Puffin' sounds great, doesn't it?  Anyone out there want to develop a childrens programme for Radio Wivenhoe......? If so, contact     If you're still looking for Insurance, see my reply to your post...End of transmission!
  • Arts Show is on at 11am tomorrow, so don't miss it artistic lovers and creators!
  • Hope you enjoyed the show?  If you missed it, don't despair, as it'll be repeated next thurs (15th), also at 11am.
  • any chance it will be on Listen Again? I wanted to email the Cast of Tempest with a link and they're unlikely to be able to tune in at the right time, as I wasn't today :( 
  • Shall check with Jerry, and let you know. (unless Jason has managed to provide a link, as he's often great at catching these local links..?)
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    Here we go :)

    VERY professional sounding. Once again it is worth emphasising that producing speech radio is incredibly time consuming. A tremendous start puffin and Ginny.

    My trick for catching all the Listen Agains is to subscribe to the feed via RSS.
  • Now also available via 'Listen again' on Radio Wiv site (click button on gree top bar for menu). Jason's advice re subscribing (free!) to the feed is a sound idea to simplify the process.  Happy listening, and thank you Jason.
  • Appreciate the bump!
  • And here's the third broadcast from the Radio Wivenhoe Arts Show.

    Good stuff.
  • Thanks again Jason.
  • Episode 4 of the Arts Show to listen again.
  • Gosh - talk about prolific.

    Episode 5 and Episode 6 of the Arts Show have now appeared as a listen again.

    Lovely morning listening.
  • You're so good to us: thank you!
  • Episode 7 and episode 8 of the Arts Show have now appeared to listen again.
  • Thanks Jason!
  • Episode 9 and episode 10 are now available.
  • Thanks again.
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