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Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden: Volunteers Wanted!!!


  • Dear Folks,

    Attached is a poster for the exciting new community Wildlife Garden which has just started in Wivenhoe. It's on the bit of land (currently unexciting scrub) besides the Montessori and King George playing fields.

    The aim of the project is to create a sanctuary for local wildlife and people alike. It will include a pond and habitats for different types of native creatures. The plan for the garden is on the poster attached.

    We need lots of volunteers now to help bring the garden into life. There is going to be a “Big Work Weekend” on April 21st -22nd from 10 - 4 and we would love people to drop in (with a gardening stuff and wellies if you have them!) to the site and get involved.

    For more info about the project please email me on here or John Rowlands (who is the brains behind the project) on: [email protected]

    Hope to see some of you this weekend if you can make it! There is another working weekend planned for May 5-6th if you miss this one. And there'll be lots more after that :)
  • Thanks Jason for getting the poster into this page. Teach me and I will learn how for next time. Ta tho.
  • Rosie, want me to put a piece in the Gazette about this? Would be good to cover it going on into the project.


    (01206 508334 / [email protected])

  • Absolutely! A 'Before' pic this weekend would be ideal. I probably won't be there Saturday, but only Sunday. If you go on saturday, ask for / shout for John Rowlands as he's your man. In fact, I'll drop you a PM now so I can give you relevant email addresses and you can check in with John about good times to come this weekend.


  • That's great Will, thanks. More 'working party weekend' dates coming soon..!
  • There will be a second working party for the Jubilee / Wildlife Garden, taking place on 13th May, 10am - 4pm. Any help, no matter for how long, will be greatly appreciated. Meet by the Montessori and the KGV.
  • More here via The Standard on the funding now in place for the garden.
  • edited June 2012
    We are having another working party this weekend - a bit last minute I know. 

    Anyone interested to help please come along at 2pm tomorrow, Saturday 30th. We'll be clearing pathways in preparation for putting sheeting and gravel down, plus some other general looking after and nurturing the project along. 

    All welcome :) 
  • Johnny, Jean, Maureen and I got some 'nurturing and general looking after' done. It's looking better!
  • The wildlife garden is looking nice at the moment but we need more helpers to support in the maintenance of the wildflower meadow in the orchard area.  We also want to develop the jubilee garden further too.  If you are interested in being involved then please contact me with your email address so I can add it too our mailing list.  It is a great way to meet new friendly people!!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    John Rowland

  • Hi John - I´ve just moved to Wivenhoe, and would be interested in helping to maintain the wildlife garden, meadow or orchard. You can email me on [email protected]

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