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Does the pond have a leak? Or..

Or is it the weather? I went to the wildlife garden pond yesterday and there is barely any water in it at all..


  • Mine is empty too. Think it's just lack of rain.

  • It's down the very low humidity and this easterly wind. Means high evaporation rates.

  • Ah, thanks. Good to hear that it's only the weather that needs fixing.

  • I think we'll have hosepipe bans before lockdown is over at this rate - bbc weather goes up to 5th May without any rain forecast, and i think weve had about 30 minutes since lockdown started. Love the sunshine but its pretty surreal weather.

  • After 911, it was widely documented that the virtual cessation of aircraft traffic caused fairly similar conditions to those that we are experiencing, but its bee noticeable that the high pressure that we seem to have had for a lot of the time has tended to make the airflow either northerly, hence cooler, or from the east which tends to bring "dirtier" air in from the continent and shipping using the channel, rather than from the south west.

    It will be interesting to see what the meteorologists conclude from the enforced experiment, and how it is portrayed.

  • The pond: I'm sorry to cast doubt on the culprit just being the weather, but the pond has been very low for a long time and was as low as it had ever been before the dry weather set in a month ago, and that was at the end of an unusually wet winter. It has of course gone down to a puddle since. It is a real worry, but there seems little to be done about it. There may be a leak but not right at the bottom. There may also be a great deal of wicking ie the water being taken up and over the lining by the border plants and soil. My pond was not at all low before the dry spell, and hasn't got too low since (today of course it's raining!)

  • We must hope that the rain is enough to top it up for a while - or at least until the tadpoles turn into adults.

    This of course was a Wild About Wivenhoe project initially. I don't think there was ever an agreement about who maintains the garden, was there...?

    I remember this was a concern for the council at the time - that WaW would evaporate and leave WTC to pick up on all the maintenance.

    I must admit I've not heard anything about WaW for a while. Do they still exist?

    The time to fix the pond would be in the autumn (by which time social distancing might not be necessary) but it would be quite an operation because there will still be wildlife in the pond.

    Could WaW form a working party for the day if WTC provide supervision? Did not WaW have a residual budget for such eventualities?

  • Glyn, WaW does still exist , though our last meeting was I think back in the Autumn. Waw does have a budget. It may be devolved from Transition Wivenhoe. A working party incorporating WaW and the Wildlife Garden Working party would be an excellent thing ,and would need expert guidance from people like you, Gregg, or Chris . I'll ask our WaW people to read this correspondence. I saw the pond today - first time for over 4 weeks, and it is a sad sight.

  • I should have made it clear that the Wildlife Working Party was established back when the Garden was made and meets 4 times a year, occasionally more often. It hasn't met this time, for Covid reasons,

  • Thanks Stephen.

    I suspect we may not be able to do anything major until the breeding/growing season is done, by which time we hope restrictions may be eased.

    We can discuss a "holding" plan though...

    I believe the wheels may already be turning with respect to a discussion.

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